Saturday, April 9, 2011

On our mind: Nantucket

Walking to South Station, I passed the Lannan Gallery, the best place in Boston for nautical decor and vintage maps....

and this gorgeous map of my favorite island caught my eye.....

Luckily, I was headed to Nantucket that very (cold and windy, but fortunately sunny) day.

I think it would be great to live in one of these little buildings in the harbor. I wonder if some of them are homes or if they're all commercial.

I was pressed for time so I didn't make it to the beaches. Which would have been freezing anyways. I can't wait to go back once the water has warmed up!

We have a special project in the works using some locally produced stuff from the island (venture a guess anyone?)..... I can't wait to share it.

- Ryan

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