Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Street Styles: Trinity College


It's no secret to people close to me that my favorite color is blue. When I started designing, I often heard people quip, "Are you ever going to design something that isn't Navy?"

When I was setting up in Mather Hall at Trinity, this pretty blonde girl wearing an almost monochromatic outfit of dark skinny jeans and a blue Barbour over a black and cerulean rugby striped shirt, caught my eye. I love the way her backpack and shoes explode against the more subdued palate of her clothing. And the best thing is, she looked (not in a bad way) as if she had just rolled out of bed and thrown the look together. Nothing affected or trying about her styling. It's hard to look to uptight and still pull off a backpack.


PS-- I'm curious what other people think of blue Barbour jackets. Don't mess with a classic? Trying hard to look like you aren't conforming to the NESCAC uniform? or just as timeless? Personally, I've considered buying one to have something to wear with dark green corduroys but can't justify owning another Barbour

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